I’ve already written about how pen names can give us anonymity and the ability to write in different genres etc… There are a few downsides though.

When you look into how to get more readers as an author, they say to publish, publish, publish. I may have (self) published 8 books so far, but because they are under different names; they don’t really count as a whole. I can’t admit to people that they are from the same author and so possibly get more readers.

Another problem is if you go to conventions. From what I understand, you can mingle and promote well. If you are willing to put a face to one of the names it might be a good place to go. The only problem is; you have to remember the name you are moonlighting under so you automatically answer when someone calls you and you don’t get mixed up…

I have one big problem aside from multiple publications under pen names. I have social media profiles for these names so as to promote “my” name and my work. I don’t feel that it would be good to respond to comments and post exactly the same in all of the profiles; if someone is anal and watching they could pick up on it… So I have designed backstories and personalities for all of the names. It does get confusing at times especially when I switch from one directly to another. I sometimes end up replying in a tone that goes more with another name than the new one I have just logged in as…. I’m not entirely sure if anyone else has this problem or if anyone has ever even done this.

I like pen names and I like the 3 that I chose. It’s been interesting coming up with backgrounds and characteristics for all of them. I just sometimes think maybe it would be better to let readers decide whether or not to take the books seriously being of different genres from the same name. I could claim all of the books under one name and maybe get more readers because of the number of publications. There might come a time where I do that or I at least share that they are linked, but for now separate seems best.